Casting Experiment

We’ve started exploring ways of casting some of the pieces that we previously showed in the post on Acoustic Reflection Patterns and thought we’d share what’s been done so far.  The diffusive panels break down into individual units which we’re thinking of as bricks.  We’ve cast some objects (1,2) in the past which required a fair bit of time to prepare the molds and we were hoping to produce these molds more quickly.  We also wanted the molds to be constructed from multiple pieces so we could easily disassemble the formwork without damaging the part or needing to have draft angles.  Our recent experiences(1,2) cutting ACM led us to a solution which we were able to layout and fabricate in less than an hour.

Photo Mar 10, 2 01 26 PM

The faceted form of the brick made it possible to treat the mold as a piece of origami that is unfolded with connection tabs added.  The scores for folding the ACM were kept on the outside of the part so that all of the interior surfaces would remain crisp at the transitions between facets.  We’re currently casting the bricks as solids but we’re looking to make them lighter either by creating a foam plug for the back or doing something with rotational molding.  We’ll post more when that happens.